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Portside Personal Training’s vision is to bring residents, friends and local businesses around Portside together to achieve a healthier, more vibrant, social, fit community. We offer health and fitness services exclusively to Portside, combined with regular social events to form a strong, healthy community to support you with your health and fitness goals.

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WE START 22 JAN 2018

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  • Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited (DPE) runs regular corporate sports days for its head office staff.  The staff are divided into teams and they participate in various activities for fun and to promote teambuilding.  Jason and Sarah run these events for DPE and do a great job.  They set up the field for the activities, act as umpires, award points to the winners and generally make sure that everyone enjoys themselves.  I would not hesitate to recommend Jason and Sarah to any business looking to run similar events for their staff.

    Craig R - Domino's
  • Prior to starting the program with Jason I was training by myself 3 times per week. My training routine was okay, but felt repetitive, and due to that my results had plateaued. I started the program with goals of gaining muscle mass, trimming up, and just generally to increase motivation – I definitely achieved all of that and more through Jason’s guidance. The main benefits of the program for me were the nutritional planning, and having a set training regime to complete, giving me less excuses to leave whenever I felt tired. I’ve gained more muscle mass in the last 8 weeks than I have in the 6 months prior just training myself. I feel stronger, and more motivated to work harder to get results. On top of that I’ve gained a new mindset and approach to training, which I’m stoked about. Can’t recommend it enough.

    Zac Evans
  • Overall my posture, flexibility and balance are much better based on the exercises and diet advice you provided and this has assisted me in terms my own health as well as future focus when exercising at the gym.

    Alan Wiley
  • Jason has been my personal trainer for over three years.  Before I began training with Jason, I thought that I could get results by myself.  Truth be told I had been struggling to achieve these goals.  Jason’s unassuming yet inspiring manner lead me to lift, run, and stretch harder and I lost weight in those problem areas.  His holistic style of training also got me to take a closer look at my diet and clean it up.   He kept me accountable with text messages and boot camps where I also met like-minded people.  I recommend Jason to people who want to make consistent lifestyle and fitness improvements, Jason is just the person to help you along the ride.

    Jess Hopper
  • What a physical and lifestyle transformation Scott has undertaken this year, and especially the last 2 months adopting the Metabolic Precision principles; shorter, more focused workouts lasting 30-45 mins; eating colour throughout the day and timing carbs around workouts; focusing on gradually increasing the weight lifted, rather than time in the gym; making healthy lifestyle changes both at home and travelling. Scott even managed to gain muscle and lose body fat while travelling to Singapore for 10 days! We all know how hard it is to stay healthy while traveling!
    His strength has gone through the roof! Doubling his bench press and rows. Also, having rarely done legs in the past; today his squatted 115kg x 10 reps and Hex bar deadlift 120kg x 10 reps. He has put on 15.5cm across his upper body measurements; 11.5cm through hips and thighs (totalling 6kgs of muscle) and dropped 6.5cm through his waist along with 3.5% body fat!
    Scott is off to Singapore to live for work in the new year. It has been a pleasure training Scott and helping him implement healthy habits that will last a lifetime and pass down to his kids.
    – Dropped 3kg body fat and put on 6kg muscle! (Lean body mass)
    – Body fat dropped 3%
    – Massive lifestyle healthy habits engrained for continual results!

    Scott Wegener - Transformation
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